Saturday, July 7, 2012

Update from the Poet's Path

My guest this week is poet Trinka Polite. Her debut book of poems "After the Sixth Day" has been released and is lighting up the virtual and literary worlds. Her guest post gives us an update on her spiritual journey. Welcome, Trinka!

So Anthony asked me to give an update on my spiritual journey.  Completing my first book was such a huge part of the journey.  With writing, you give away so much of yourself whether you realize it or not.  I knew that sharing my poetry with the world meant releasing my truth--the good, the bad and the ugly. And I must say as I head into the summer, with my book now in readers’ hands, I feel a new sense of freedom!  

I’m grateful when I hear from someone that a particular poem had personal meaning.
Things happen in our lives and we struggle to understand them, but somehow a magical moment happens when clarity shines through and your life makes sense.  For this reason, writing always makes me happy! J My skin tingles and I breathe more calmly when I’m in my writing zone. Fortunately and unfortunately, you can’t schedule these moments.  

I never force writing; I simply wait for the words to come and let creativity take its course. 

The last poem in After the Sixth Day (My Promise) gives you a glimpse of one of my “clarity moments.”   Here is a sample of another poem:

The Ocean is Mad with Me

I laid there and waited for you and you turned me away. 
I came closer trying to get within your reach, and your aqua lips kissed my ankles and teased my legs.
I had calmed your anger.

I came back later as the dark sky pushed down on you.
I brought others to introduce to them your calming and soothing effects. 
You greeted us with misty hands which explored our exposed bodies. 
Unaware, your liquid shoulders shrugged us to the side. 
We walked away unsure of your next move.

As I was preparing to leave, I came to you one last time with eyes bright and smile wide. 
You were sparkling and powerful, and your roar a quiet thunder. 
You did not notice my presence.  Others were totally immersed in you.
I left you as you were.             

Before the door was shut, and the curtains were closed, I stole one last glance.
Your anger was ceasing…..

So be sure to get your copy on!

Peace & Blessings,

Trinka Polite

Author of After the Sixth Day: Notes from a Spiritual Journey
Twitter: @MsTrinkaV

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