Thursday, July 31, 2008

Go to French Pond Road this summer

Today is the day. Launched a marketing campaign for French Pond Road. Here's the email announcement:

Dear friends,

Sometimes an opportunity comes along that can change your life. This summer, author Anthony Catlin's book French Pond Road is just such an opportunity. Read this book and uncover the secrets of joy, parenting and simplicity that lie within.

And today only, when you buy French Pond Road, you will get a package of bonus gifts that will truly help you unlock your potential, overcome your fears, become better parents, friends, brothers and sisters and partners and learn how to transform our world from within.

So go here now and tap into your inspiration:

Friends, this is a package not to be passed up. We all need inspiration, and especially in today's changing world, with all its trials and tribulations, this story of men and women overcoming the obstacles that block them from their passions in life will be a memorable read. Learn more about French Pond Road.

Here's what reviewers are saying about French Pond Road.

"French Pond Road is a terrific road novel, populated with characters whose lives are hard, delusional and totally worth fighting for. Normal folk, in other words. Like the best road novels, French Pond Road is less about the journey than about the people who skid out on the turns…

Catlin is a moralist, in the same way that Tolstoy was a moralist. Like characters in the Russian master's novels, the cast of French Pond Road are serfs—tied to the great land of America, North and South—who toil and suffer in the belief that God is good, if distant, and that life's never-ending pains in the ass are redeemable by a simple awareness of one's own soul."

Philip Herter writes from New York.

This is summer magic. So take a trip this summer. To a place of hardship and inspiration. To a place like life itself. French Pond Road

And as if that was not enough, Anthony Catlin is joined today by nationally and world renowned experts in the fields of human potential and sustainability who are offering some of their most valuable ideas and expertise to help you.

Act now, and when you buy French Pond Road you will be able to receive a package of bonus gifts worth thousands of dollars that you can begin to apply immediately!

Here are some of the partners of French Pond Road:

Mark L. Fox is a leading authority on teaching practical creative thinking techniques. Some of Mark's unique accomplishments include receiving NASA's highest recognition of "Launch Honoree" at the age of 23, and being the youngest person promoted to the position of Chief Engineer on the Space Shuttle program at the age of 31. Mark's interest in creative thinking dates back to the early days of his career when good, practical, creative thinking training simply couldn't be found. Over the years, Mark has developed a unique and practical creative thinking program that really works.

Vanessa Van Petten says: "As an author, entrepreneur and life trainer, I have dedicated my life to helping parents and teenagers mend their relationships. After witnessing many of my friends from high school and college ruin their lives with drugs and alcohol, I learned that most of their anger stemmed from poor relationships with their parents. I believe that by helping bridge the communication gap and providing safer activities for teens, generation Y will grow up to be happier and healthier adults."

Sandy Schussel was an unhappy attorney whose life almost ended at 41. Now he helps people who feel stuck, frustrated and burnt out find and capture their dreams. Sandy has helped hundreds of people figure out what they really want in their lives, develop a plan to go get it, and take action on that plan.

Dr. LesliBeth Wish is nationally recognized for her groundbreaking work with women's relationship, career and childhood abuse issues, as well as her work with soldiers and their families. She offers sound, research-based relationship advice that is unique, innovative and fun - and makes sense. Her areas of expertise include issues such as smart dating, women's relationship advice, divorce, career and workplace advice, happy family advice, post-traumatic stress, stress management, holiday stress, sexual dysfunction and leadership training.

Roy Morrison is a life-long activist, writer and poet working on sustainability issues and moving from an industrial to an ecological society. His previous books include We Build the Road as We Travel, and Ecological Democracy.

This offer expires at 12:00 pm EST Aug. 1, 2008.

Buy French Pond Road today and be on the road to changing your life.


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