Tuesday, December 16, 2008

French Pond Road Podcast

Take a listen to this week's podcast of French Pond Road...

"She'd thought of herself as a mover and shaker, hired by Bert's Ski Peak as a Marketing and Events Planner at the tender age of thirty-two..."

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ice Storm

Powerful again after three days of camping. Thank God for the wood stoves and charades. Our tenants, Bill and Lisa, toughed it out. Bill grew up on a farm in Maine, and, when he's not drinking, is pretty cool. How their water pipes did not freeze I have no idea. Yesterday we bought a X-mas tree and decorated it. Michael went out on his 1st ever date with a girl, watched her ice skating recital at the Tri-town rink. Stephanie did Santa Baby and afterwards her grandparents took them both out to Friendly's. When he came back, Susan and I were in the living room with the candles on. He came in and said, "This house is nice," the first time he's ever had anything good to say about his home in the modern era.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First snow

Here we are in front of the barn posing for the X-mas card. It's snowing and today I stayed home from work to get some stuff done on the local energy committee, writing the minutes and thinking about what we're actually trying to get done there. I'm also organizing a renewable energy forum in january with a professor at the local college, and today I did some telephoning around to get speakers for it.

The one car broke down, water pump seized up and last night it wouldn't start in the cold and after jump starting it and racing it down the road to Bradford suddenly the belt stopped shrieking, the lights did something funny and I knew something was not right. So today I had a chance to pick Eve up at dance class, see her do a cartwheel for Miss Dee Dee and then take Michael to his wrestling practice in our remaining vehicle.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Audio Podcast French Pond Road

A lot of water under the bridge. Back at work, the frenzied factory setting where the youth pass through the gauntlet. Times are hard, which means we come down harder on them. The shit, after all, rolls down the hill.

There's a new president elect, a new breeze blowing. but it might not be enough to stave off the shit hitting the fan, to continue with my bodily wastes metaphor, of our cankered and cancerous body politic. In the end, though, we will emerge a better nation, more aligned with the good.

Here's my two bits again. If this works, the theory is I will be broadcasting a weekly installment of French Pond Road, in the authentic quavering voice of the self-published author. You heard it here first.