Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Free and Almost Free Books -- Load Up Your Kindle

Are you ready for this?

Starting today and all the rest of this week you can download my books for free and almost free.

It's a Christmas giveaway and a chance to load up the Kindle for holiday reading.

Birdman and French Pond Road -- Books One and Two of the Billy Kagan Series absolutely gratis.  And Latitudes - A Story of Coming Home, for the unbeatable price of 99 cents.

Get them now.

A tale of identity theft and madness in the West of Ireland. A madcap caper skirting the borders of the magical and the mundane, Birdman is Billy Kagan, a seeker of refuge and enlightenment. Will he be forced to land, to come to grips with the fallout of his life? Take the first step to finding out and feel the endless freedom of the skies.

Birdman is that rare treat, an indie published story that breaks the bounds of the acceptable, the tried and true formulas of the literary marketplace, the earthbound and empty life you need to escape.

And now, just in time to save you from the Christmas shopping blues. Just one click away and away you go.

Up, up and away with ...  Birdman.

Hey, it's free. And so are you. Or are you?

French Pond Road: Round Two of Billy Kagan versus the monsters. Yes, the monsters...of post-modern angst and obscurity, the inequalities of wealth and quality that have come to define us.

Okay, you're asking why the pen name. It's a long story. Maybe some day I'll write it. But enough about me. It's Billy Kagan we're talking about. Our hero. It's his story, and the story of the road, French Pond Road. Could be your road.

Billy's building a life for himself and his lady friend in the back of the swamp outside of town. Could be your town. Read all about it on French Pond Road. On your Kindle.

Got enough free? Good. Now check out the almost free. No, don't turn away. This is where I need you to pay attention.

Paying attention? All right then. Then slip through the crack and enter the world of Latitudes - A Story of Coming Home. This week only at $0.99,  two dollars off the regular Kindle price.

A nostalgic look back at the late nineteen sixties and early seventies, a world of big hair, big dreams, and big neurosis as seen through the child-like eyes of Will Kogan. Trying to understand his parents is his first lesson in survival.

"Will looks back to their difficult, tumultuous childhood...An engaging story carried forward by well-written prose." KIRKUS REVIEWS

LATITUDES presents the story of a bi-cultural child. Caplan artfully navigates the reader through Will's experiences, who tries to make sense of and understand the world around him as his parents abduct him and his siblings not once but twice.
Maureen Dabbagh, author of "Parental Kidnapping in America: An Historical and Cultural Analysis"

Is it live or is it Memorex? That's a thorny question, so lighten up, friend. I'm all about giving it away, but there is a limit.

"LATITUDES covers a lot of territory both physically and emotionally" Grady Harp

"A great read for people like me who enjoy multi-dimensional characters" Stephen Paul West

So don't take it from me. This is a great read. Bring it home with you.  Latitudes - A Story of Coming Home

And enjoy the holiday the way you like it, with a good box of Kleenex and three great books!

It's almost free but it's priceless, like the best things.