Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Slipstream of the Everyday

Thoughts floating along the slipstream of the everyday-the evanescent flow of nine-t0-five that disappears down the sinkhole of hades-the pump of the Gulf Stream-to resurface in some Indian Ocean distant 3rd world hovel of grateful upturned faces at the end of the day. Doctors Without Frontiers helicopter whirling into a purple jungle sky.

I signed an online petition condemning President Bush for the censoring of a CDC report on the health implications of global warming. Does anyone think a democracy can survive when its government consistently issues lies and half truths about the gravest threats to its existence? A misinfomed electorate is the same or worse than no electorate because it can so easily be swayed and manipulated by the powerful and corrupt. The press seems to be waking up belatedly due to the massive failures in Iraq, but what a wasted lot of years. I got back an email from the White House automatic reply bot. Bunch of automatons. I like that word. Spanish maton = thug, bully.
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