Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Note -- Numb to Moderate

Thanksgiving at my mother's house always is an exercise in nostalgia, for the kind of family we could have been . We're past the recriminations, and now with the next generation moving into its stage of public dysfunction, it seems that we may have something to call our own, a style, something that can count as a legacy, a pattern, something. As far as the food, Mom finally got it together. After years of trying, the turkey was actually cooked right, carved right away from the breast, side dishes edible to tasty. Drinking moderate for the usual suspects, including moi.. Mom claimed she'd never heard me play an entire song through before. That's the kind of family we have. I took up the guitar in Mexico after buying a beauty in an outdoor market somewhere in the north near Durango. I bought my second in a pawn shop in New York City around 114th street and now, my third, an Ibanez, has decent action and am downloading all kinds of stuff and learning it. if i play an open mike this winter like I want I'll be chuffed. The human voice in song is the way we get closest to a true spiritual experience, listening, but especially by singing.
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