Thursday, January 1, 2009

French Pond Road - Chapter Two - No Man's Land

Mickey and Cata burning up the road on a Kawasaki 650. Listen to Mickey's thoughts as they find a place to camp for the night.

In the new year I could use a little escape myself, but am at the stage in life where there's no going back, and the way ahead looks long and arduous. That's why writing this was fun, because I could look back on my teenage years when burning up the road was the imperative need, felt right, was right was the code to live by, and didn't have many people I needed to apologize to at any one time. Now, it's a different brand of coffee I drink. But that's another story, another conversation. 

Not that I'm having many good conversations, either. This blog is an interesting theoretical construct in that it resembles a void. But there is a sense that there must be some consciousness touched somewhere on some level, even if it's just some large machine, some form of groupthink that's being raised. And let's not kid ourselves, entire careers can be spent in the dark. Down all the days.

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