Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hope Mountain Farm Bulletin

We got about six inches of snow, but not much here now. We've had some mild weather the last few days. There's a few inches of snow left on the ground, and Susan insists it's good for skiing, but I'm waiting for another big snowfall to go out again. We put out taps and buckets to collect some maple syrup this week, just three taps, not too much, from the maple trees in the front yard. It's running like crazy, though. We have about ten gallons of it bottled. Mostly we put a pot of it on the wood stove and drink it as a mildly sweetened tea. The yearling apple trees have not been hit by any deer, not yet anyway. I'm thinking of grafting some shoots from the old tree in the front yard, and so I ordered root stock, Antonovka, from the Fedco Tree catalog online. They are an amazing company, one of the strengths of any resurgent local food movement here in the Northeast. Our old tree is so rotten I don't know if it'll last more than another season, but it still produces hundreds of incredibly tasty apples. Have no idea what variety, probably some heirloom. Bring on more winter. Usually, I'm cutting from the wood lot this time of year to make up for depleted reserves, but not this year. Plenty left.
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