Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King Day 2012

Today is passing. You could make a list and tally all the things accomplished and all the things yet to do. Sum it up with an aphorism about Sisyphus and call it in. Or you can step back and assume the perspective of the distant observer and call it honorable and grand that on such a day it was decreed to honor such a man. And what is diversity that it should assume such an honorable position in our pantheon of national virtues? Because it's not enough any more to say that all men are created equal. We must acknowledge the evolution of this judgement and now decree all differences allowed to prosper in their own time and manner. Because diversity is the new unity. Some day perhaps the color of one's skin will be the lowest, menial ranking of divergent traits, nor will it correlate at all with the diversity of spirit, diversity of conscience and diversity of heart that befall us.

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