Monday, April 30, 2012


We've got some guests, and they have brought an electric charge and an air of nobility to our small-holding. They have masks to keep the bugs out of their eyes. George and Aurora are summering in our field. They are welcome to all the grass they can eat. In exchange we get the pleasure of their company, and their owners Alyssa and Phineas will be caretakers for the sheep and chickens when we take a couple of weeks hiatus from farm chores this summer.
The first thing they did was roll in the grass when they got into the field. The sheep did a quick series of leaps to release the adrenaline. Poor creatures, they are still circling on the outside of the enclosure in awe of the newcomers. These are beautiful and enthralling creatures, not just to humans.
For me the best thing is looking out the window and seeing them in the field and then going to Wikipedia and looking at the lists of horses in literature and myth, from Pegasus to Black Beauty. Maybe the centuries of inspiration will rub off. My favorite horse book is All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy, not only because of the horses but because he gets Mexico pretty well and he writes as well as Hemingway or better.
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