Saturday, June 30, 2012

Book Launch Day -- Latitudes - A Story of Coming Home

It's Saturday afternoon in the summer and I should be outside doing any number of things. Instead I'm hunched obsessively like some mad virtual pirate at the computer screen, because today is not just any day. It's BOOK LAUNCH DAY! Yes, the long awaited move from dry dock down the slip and out onto the water of the Indie ship Latitudes - A Story of Coming Home. You've read the excerpts, you've tasted some of the moments in the writing. You might have read some of the reviews. But now the moment of truth is at hand and the rubber meets the road. No let's back up and stick to the nautical, pirates of the Caribbean metaphor. Now the moment at hand is when SHE WILL SINK OR SHE WILL SWIM! 

So just this morning she's moved from 700,000 to 100,000 on the Amazon book rankings, which means she is still at the long tail of books on sale, but not right at the very tip. Someone somewhere has bought a copy. The faintest stirrings can be heard in the rigging and an imperceptible movement has begun away from shore. She is afloat. YAY!!! The rowdy band of pirates, toothless, haggard, breaks into exuberant cheering. Where she will end up is anyone's guess, but the key takeaway is this: THE VOYAGE HAS BEGUN!

You can jump on board and claim your rightful place on the SS Latitudes. Be a daring soul, be a supporter of Indie writing, get free from the strictures and greedy falseness of the gatekeepers. Yes, that's right. You! Jump ship now. Get on board with the guys and girls who are taking over anyways, with you or without you. Here's where you can grab a cutlass and ship out, matey:



There's treasure in there somewhere...

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