Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pies, Ipads and the Anna Karenina Principle

Thanksgiving is over, the opening salvo in the holiday season has been fired. Just back from the big city and here is what we learned.

* The Ipad is the new gadget de rigeur. Whipping out your tablet and googling a You Tube video to prove your point is the best revenge, at least until next year.

* Board games do keep older minds supple. My brother-in-law's mother, in her eighties, can stomp at Scrabble.

* Mark Sanchez and the Jets need a make-over, or maybe a GPS.

* As a nation, we are very good at pie. Making and eating.

* Tolstoy was right, at least at Thanksgiving. Happy families are all alike, and Thanksgiving is the most communal of our holidays because for the short period we are together, we are happy. Maybe we should amend the second half of the Anna Karenina principle to read ... and unhappy families need to limit their exposure to one massive meal a year.
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