Friday, April 4, 2014

A to Z: D for Doomsday machine

Doomsday machines are devices designed to bring about planetary level catastrophe. Their use in real life has obviously been limited, but they have been proposed as a real component of deterrent strategies to avoid nuclear Armageddon during the Cold War. The absurd proposition of Mutually Assured Destruction would be guaranteed with such a device, say a computer linked to a stockpile of hydrogen bombs designed to detonate and spread nuclear fallout around the world, and geared to go off independent of human interference.

The madness of the doomsday machine is linked to the mad search for world domination by one bloc or another in the recent past. In SAVIOR, the doomsday machine is being built by the LSM gang in their secret facility beneath the Alberta oil tar sands. Los Santos Muertos plan to hold world governments hostage and establish a new world order based on their worship of Mixtecacihuatl, an ancient Meso-American goddess.

The LSM doomsday machine will use the mathematical ratios discovered by ancient Mayan astronomers that lie at the heart of creation. By emitting sound waves pitched using these ratios, the LSM Resonator will set off tectonic shifts and volcanic eruptions that will bring about an unprecedented disaster which will plunge the world into darkness.

This was the original cover for Savior, using an image that evokes the idea of a doomsday machine.

SAVIOR will be published April 18th on the Amazon Kindle platform by Harvard Square Editions. Visit the SAVIOR page on the HSE website, and then check back here throughout the A to Z challenge month to learn more about SAVIOR and publication launch details.

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