Saturday, April 5, 2014

A to Z: E for Environment

Environmental problems plague the world of SAVIOR. In Guatemala heavy rains cause flooding and destruction along the Caribbean coast during the time Ricky and Al visit. The mountain guide, Evelio, complains to Al that the trade winds have stopped blowing, the frogs are disappearing and the trees of the cordillera are dying. In SAVIOR, not only is the rule of law breaking down across the globe, but the fabric of life seems to be unraveling. This is the wasteland.

One of these days we will wake up and it will be ours. In a world of rapid change and environmental destruction, there are species who flourish: cockroaches, rats, coyotes. And in SAVIOR, the LSM, the Santos Muertos, a death cult that welcomes the apocalypse because it heralds the beginning of a new age, their age, the age of Lady Death, are also spreading their tentacles.

SAVIOR will be published April 18th on the Amazon Kindle platform by Harvard Square Editions. Visit the SAVIOR page on the HSE website, and then check back here throughout the A to Z challenge month to learn more about SAVIOR and publication launch details.

(Photo courtesy of US National Archives and Records Administration)
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