Monday, April 21, 2014

A to Z: Time Travel

Time travel is the idea that humans will one day master the technology necessary to bend the space-time continuum and break the observable laws of physics by traveling back in time. Although theories of space and time don't necessarily preclude time travel, many skeptics point to obvious paradoxes that could arise, namely that a time traveler could alter the course of events by acting in the past to change the way things happen. In this way, someone could for instance go back in time and kill their grandfather before he could procreate, rendering his/her own existence impossible. The way to solve this paradox is by using the quantum theory of multiverses. Under this theory, a time traveler would not alter the course of events in the world by acting in the past. Instead his actions would trigger the formation of an alternative, parallel universe, branching off and forming its own reality.

In my book SAVIOR, Los Santos Muertos are attempting to build a doomsday machine, the Resonator, which uses the ratios of sound waves present at the creation of matter to set off cataclysmic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and threaten civilization, The Resonator also has the capability, harnessing the power inherent in the sonic ratios, to bend space-time into a wormhole that allows time travel.

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